Parents should be given the maximum flexibility on how and where their children are educated.  The State Constitution mandates an Uniform system of public schools.

As technology has changed, so have the tools.  The days of a blackboard and chalk are a memory.  Thousands of students can simultaneously receive instruction from the premier instructors in any given field through the internet.  The Khan Academy for example has thousands of videos teaching math, from the basic addition and subtraction, to physics.  Similar instruction is available in every field.

Taking advantage of these opportunities can reduce the cost associated with education from K-16.  Instead of a college student sitting in an auditorium with 300 other students, a student could watch a video of the same lecture at home.  Their is no limit to how many students that could be taught from a single video.  The cost of college could be greatly reduced for every core class, reducing the overall cost of a college education.  

Limiting ourselves to a method that may have been cutting edge 30 years ago is doing a disservice to ourselves and our children.